• "What goes on during a CrossFit class?"
  • "Where are the fancy workout machines?"
  • "Am I too out of shape to do CrossFit?"
  • "What should I do for nutrition?"


Got questions???  We have answers!


Decibel CrossFit is the premier CrossFit gym and group fitness training facility located in southwest Las Vegas.  We have almost 5,000SF of space equipped with the best gear in the business from Rogue Fitness and ISP Technologies Pro Audio.


Want to gain strength, build muscle, lose fat, and improve cardio, stamina, and mobility?  Whether your fitness goals are for health, sport, work, and/or to simply look good naked, we’ve got you covered!


- Group Training Classes

- Personal Training

- Nutrition 

- InBody230

"I don't want to lift heavy weights and get all bulky.  I want long, lean, toned muscles."  

- anonymous female


Heard this before or sound like someone you know?  Want to know the real truth?

First Class Free

If you've done CrossFit before and are checking out boxes in the area, contact us for a free drop in.

If you have never done CrossFit, contact us to schedule your first trial class with one of our awesome coaches!

Welcome to Decibel CrossFit

 Located at 7060 W. Warm Springs Rd. #170; Las Vegas, NV 89113

(Just south of the 215 and west of S. Rainbow Blvd.)

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The Saturday Morning Crew after breaking out the new slam balls for the "Slamajamma" WOD.